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   Preparation Specifications

CV Powder Coaters is a registered Dulux Applicator approved to purchase and apply Dulux Powders and offer up to 20 year Dulux written warranty to in house pre treated aluminium.

To maximise the life of your coating, Dulux® recommend the application of a powder coating primer prior to applying top coat (below table).

Substrate Primer Coat
Steel Dulux Zincshield®
Zinc Coated Steel Dulux E-Prime
Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Dulux E-Prime
Aluminium (Severe Environments & Sharp Edges) Dulux E-Prime

NOTE: The following preparation is our minimum standard for new Duraglalv materials.

  1. Solvent clean to remove dirt and grease
  2. Lightly sand welds and grind marks
  3. Apply 1 coat of Dulux Zinc Shield Primer to welds and grind marks
  4. Drill quarter inch hole for hanging
*BLACK STEEL/MILD STEEL requires sandblasting and Zinc shield prior to final coat to deter corrosion. (Maximum corrosion protection obtained by HDG)

*BLUE PAINTED STEEL requires sandblasting and Zinc shield prior to final coat to deter corrosion and de lamination. (Maximum corrosion protection obtained by HDG)

*STAINLESS STEEL products require whip blasting or light linishing prior to top coat.

*ALL HOT DIP GALVANISHED products requires linishing, acid etch and de gas in oven prior to a preliminary coat of E/Prime followed by top coat. (HDG not E Primed will suffer from easy de lamination)

**Customers must be aware that Hot Dip Galv is by nature a very agricultural finish and will always show lumps, bumps and some small pin head bubbles, even after careful preparation and application. This is a normal characteristic of the product and cannot be avoided** CV Powder coaters or Dulux offer no warranties whatsoever against corrosion, de lamination or surface finish to powder coated hot dip galvanized product.

*ALL ALUMINIUM products (excluding anodized) require pre-treatment prior to powder coating.
  1. Acid bath of Chemetall metal-etch 29/L at 3-6% concentration for 2-10 minutes.
  2. Agitated fresh water rinse
  3. Chromate bath of Chemetall chromacoat T3A/T3B for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Agitated fresh water rinse.
  5. Final rinse and dry.
  6. As an authorized Dulux registered warranty grade applicator all aluminium pre treatment and coating preformed strictly to powder manufacturers specifications including test records – up to 20 years Dulux written warranty.
*All products including Aluminium in close proximity to river, ocean, near pool or spa and North of Geraldton, manufacturers recommend E/Prime prior to top coat to maximise coating longevity and maintain 12 month warranty.

*Previously powder coated product can be resprayed a different colour but will never be the same finish as 1st coat. Some blemishes and thicker build will be visible and we offer no warranties against this.

*Powder coat is just another form of paint and like all paint one coat alone does not prevent corrosion! Careful pre-treatment and correct priming is essential.

Once powder coated product is reworked or damaged, i.e. screwed, drilled, cut, ground or sanded, these compromised areas are targets for corrosion and must be sealed appropriately from moisture and weather immediately. No warranties are valid after such works are performed.